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Inspiring Futures is partnering with foster care agencies in New York City and colleges in the tri-state area to provide mobile college readiness and persistence services. This includes workshops for the youth who have been involved in the foster care system, individual visits with the youth, and trainings on increasing college-going culture for the foster parents and agency staff. The colleges who are part of our college consortium provide a point of contact as youth apply to the college, provide college tours, and provide other customized benefits to increase the pipeline of youth to college. Inspiring Futures also provides consultation and trainings to the colleges in the consortium to increase access and supports to students in foster care at the college level. The individualized educational services start with a needs assessment to determine the student’s areas of strength and their areas of growth. The needs assessment can include talking to supportive adults in their lives and at the school to get a full idea of what is going on. The educational specialist meets with the student regularly and connects them to resources, provides empowerment focused coaching, and helps them navigate institutions and classes. They also work on time-management skills, independent living skills, study habits, and building self-efficacy. Students can continue to access these services into adulthood and through college.


  • Youth and young adults, 14 years and older, with current or past foster care, kinship, or adoption history

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