Things we are grateful for this November! 🥰

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Giving Thanks 2023

In This Season Of Gratefulness We Have A Lot To Be Grateful For... As we transition into the new season, we are excited to share how much we have grown and expanded in these past few months. We are thrilled to have forged new partnerships, launched a workshop series, joined an accelerator, and added two interns to our team!

Inspiring Futures is very excited to have the privilege of joining Cohort 11 of the Communitas Ventures Accelerator, and now have a physical meeting space in Harlem to meet and connect with youth.

The Communitas Ventures Accelerator is where entrepreneurs and new organizations working towards social good can collaborate and expand their ventures.

Meet Our New Interns Chanel(L) and Kusum(R), both are MSW students at Adelphi University. They joined our team as therapists in the fall, and have also launched a mental health and foster care awareness campaign through our Social Media pages. You can follow their content directly through the links that are available at the bottom of this email. We are excited to have them!

Meet Educational Specialist, Cheyenne! Cheyenne is one of the educational specialists on our team. We sat down with her for a brief conversation: What lead you to become an educational specialist? The Educational Specialist role focuses on mentorship. I can be personable and resourceful in the community and it allows me to work in my passion. The youth inspire me to be more creative, nurturing, and productive and I’m reminded of my purpose everyday. What is a success that you've seen recently with the youth? One of the youth I work with was going through a lot of challenges. However, using my purpose and passion, we were able to turn a negative into a positive, and it brings me to tears. I remind the youth that it’s okay to fall apart but know that you have support to get back on track.