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2022: End of Year

Being in foster care includes the trauma of being separated from biological family, often moving schools and homes, and seeking a sense of belonging. With supportive and consistent adults, however, as well as empowerment, these resilient, smart, youth can have such bright futures.

The statistics are daunting: 50% graduate from high school (21% in NYC). Three percent graduate college. One third of young people experiencing homelessness have spent time in the foster care system. According to the National Foster Care Youth Institute, 60% of human trafficking victims in the United States have a history of foster care involvement. With consistent adults and access to resources, however, these statistics can change.

After months of preparation and anticipation we began accepting clients in August. Each client was offered free educational mentorship and individual therapy. Since October we provided 8 needs assessments, 28 individual educational mentoring sessions, and 26 individual therapy sessions, completely free. We also trained an adoption program and a NYC university about the intersection between foster care, mental health, and higher education. With individual attention and guidance, our young people are doing really well, and have reported these sessions to be helpful. All of them passed their classes, one got accepted into a summer internship at Disney World, one hosted a successful pop-up shop for her candle business, and one re-enrolled in high school after a two-year absence.

Inspiring Futures has big plans for 2023! We plan to launch a summer enrichment program focused on diversity and inclusion, support groups for youth and caregivers, and expand our staff, reach, and impact.

Check out a staff highlight here: , A message from our executive director: , We hope you have a happy new year with your loved ones and that 2023 brings in joy and prosperity!